Thursday, 17 July 2014

Winners Post and New Challenge... Fairies

Hi everyone , I can't believe how quickly the challenges come round! 
I would like to pubilcally apologise to my design team for not completeing my card this week when they have done SO fabuously once again. ( My card is in the stages of being made up and I will add it at the weekend when I get chance).
I am looking forward to the end of term and have only a few days left till we break up at school.
Hope you are all having lovely warm weather like us in the UK
Anyway enough waffling, You want to know who the winners are don't you?

First up , the genorator has picked No 23 Helen

There were not so many of you using Sweet Pea Stamps which is a shame.
Our DT have picked No 53 Julie

Congratulations to you both - Please contact me with your FULL name and I will get your vouchers to you ASAP.

Right the new challenge is easy peasy. Just include a Fairy on your project - To win a bigger prize, use a Sweet Pea Stamp.
Here is some gorgeous inspiration for you .

Mari using Birdy Love by Regan Kubecek in Rubber and digi

Using 'peachy pink fairy' digi by Ching Chou Kuik

Available in rubber stamp.

Rachel Taylor 

"It's my Birthday" by Ching-Chou Kuik
Available as a digital stamp and rubber stamp

Using Romantic Moment by Charity Dauenhauer

Using digi Titania by Regan Kubecek
which is also available as a rubber stamp

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Winners Post and new Challenge- For the Boys/Men

Hi everyone we hope you are all enjoying the Summer. It has been lovely here in the UK after a weekend of storms.
Right we have some winners from the shaped card challenge up first:
The Random Pick is :No 6 Carol
and Our DT choice was:No 23 Julie

Please contact me with your FULL name so I can get your vouchers to you ASAP.

Our Challenge this time is to make a card/project for the boys/men, Not always easy I know but I think that once again the design team have provided such wonderful inspiration.

A hanging plaque - lots of pics on my blog :)

Using Karen Middleton's 'surfer boy' digi (also available as a stamp)

Using Sweet Pea Stamps digi image "Mineva" by Eny Guerrero


 Using Elisabeth Bell's "Sand Play"
only availble as a single rubber stamp.

Rachel Taylor

using digi Surfer Boy by Karen Middleton
also available as a rubber stamp

Using Joanna Schempp Ancient One in Digi and Rubber


Your Turn, Please link up here.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Winners Post and New Challenge - Shaped Card

How fast did those two weeks go?!
Thanks so much to everyone who entered the last challenge and used the photograph as inspiration, we enjoyed looking at all your lovely projects.
  Our first winner is from the random generator and is No 5 Cass
Our DT picked No 8 Denise

Congratulations to you both ! please contact me with your FULL name so I can get your voucher to you .


Right, on to the next challenge. For the current challenge, we would like you to make a "shaped card"- anything other than the usual square or rectangle card.
Here are a few Gorgeous examples from the design team to inspire you .


Availble as a digi and a single rubber stamp.

Using Elaine Cox's 'Mermaid #2

Rachel Taylor 

word to the wise 
by Concetta kilmer

Using Sweet Pea Stamps digi image Red Poppy Fairy by Meredith Dillman

using Angel of Christmas Stars by Conie Fong. Available in Rubber and Digi.

half circle card using digi Moon Fairy by ching chou kuik 
which is also available as a rubber stamp

Using Silentness (owl version) digi by ching chou cuik (also available as a stamp)

Please link up your project below and GOOD LUCK!

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Winners post and New challenge- photo Inspiration

Who can believe that it is June already! 
What a wonderful amount of beautiful cards and projects submitted for the last challenge.
We found it really difficult to pick our DT winner, especially as there are so many more of you using Sweet Pea Stamps. Thank you.

 The winners this time are 
Random pick : No 3 Helen
DT pick : No 48 Curly bear crafts

Please send me your FULL name Here


This month we have a Photograph as inspiration for you - whether you choose to use the land scape or just the colours is up to you.

Photo inspiration:
The design team have some fab example for you .

Toadstool Fascination by Ching Chou Kuik

Rachel Taylor

Easter blessing 
by katerina koukiotis

Mari - using Spring Nocturne ©ching chou kuik

Using Sweet Pea Stamps digi image Follow Your Heart lll by Helena Reis

using digi stamp Moonstones Mermaid by Elaine Cox which is also available as a rubber stamp.


Using 'peace fairie'digi ©Karen Middleton

 Using  ©Norma J Burnell's Forget Me Knot- DIGI

Over to you ...

Thursday, 22 May 2014

New Challenge- "Things with Wings" and Winners post.

Hi everyone, thank you for such Gorgeous cards and projects entered into our "Kraft" Challenge.
We found it really difficult, as always, to pick a winner.
The DT Winner this time is : NO 1 Cala
The random generator picked NO: 4 Helen
 Congratulations to you both -Please contact ME with your FULL name so I can email your voucher out to you. 

Our New Challenge is "Things with Wings" Nice and easy- especially if you are using Sweet Pea Stamps!

To start you off we have a little inspiration from the design team.

Using Elisabeth Bells' Twinkle Toes Fleur'


Availble as a single rubber stamp and a digi stamp

Using Midnight Raven by Ching-Chou Kuik


Using ©ching chou kuik's It's My Birthday- DIGI (also available as a rubber stamp.)

Using digi stamp Fuschia Fairy by Meredith Dillman

Using Ching Chou Kuik's 'Butterfly' Digi (also available as a stamp) 

Over to you 

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Winners Post and New "Kraft" Challenge

Okay first up is the winners for the last Challenge 
The random generator has picked No 31 - Julie
Our DT Had such a hard time choosing this week!!
In the end we picked No 36 - Wendy

Congratulations to you both - please contact me HERE to get your vouchers .

Our New Challenge is to use Kraft on your projects  and below are some Gorgeous projects from the Dt to give you some inspiration.

aNNie using
Follow your heart © Helena Reis 


Using Helena Reis's Mushroom Fairy #2
Availble as a single rubber stamp or a digi

Using Ching Chou Kuik's 'Silentness'(Owl version)
 Rachel Taylor

using Its my birthday by
ching chou kuik

Using Ching Chou Kuik Aloha

 Using ©Norma J Burnell's Be Mine.

Using digi stamp All I want for Christmas by Helena Reis

Using Sweet Pea Stamps digi image called Clara by Charmaine Flannery

Using peachy pink fairy ©ching chou kuik (digi)


Firstly , I am SO sorry - I accidentally Deleted this post  while getting the new post ready!! Durr . Thankfully the winners were contacted and have received their prizes already.

I may have missed off some of the DT  examples as they were not on the original post - Please forgive me . I am just so thankful to still have all the gorgeous links to your projects and will be back in the morning with your Winners and the next challenge.

Sue - slightly over worked nitwit !


Using Ching-Chou Kuik's "It's my birthday" Availble as a single rubber stamp or a digi


Using Karen Middleton's Biker Boy - DIGI (also available as a rubber stamp)

Using Conie Fong's 'Mother and baby girl'
Took some liberties with the BIRTH day theme :)
Gift box, memory book and card.

Using Sugar by Regan Kobecek

Using ©ching chou kuik's Autumn Trio also available in digi.

Using digi "It's my birthday" by Ching Chou Kuik also available as a rubber stamp